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GSM mobile phone signal interferes with a speaker system. #communicatie

internet radio

How many buzzwords do you need to monitor your remote pump station?

Wouldn't you rather study with someone who has actually been there, rather than someone who has simply read about it?

Is there a command that outputs ONLY the packages explicitly installed by the user? (Ubuntu/Debian)


If You See Something, Say Something

You Cannot Secure What You Cannot See


Asking the companies about the most typical way they will be compromised, most answer this that it will be an inside employee. 

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Oke ik ben 

Shredder running linux Jan 31, 2019

The defender does not know about the true state of the system. He has no idea what attacks happen. The game is zero-sum because attacker wants to perform attacks that destabilize the power grid and maximize defender's cost. For each attacker action, defender performs an action which incurs some cost. And defender wants to decide which action to take at every time step that stabilizes the grid and minimizes the cost.

PLC's, or programmable logic controllers, control nearly everything in the SCADA/ICS industry. These PLC's control everything from petroleum refineries, to manufacturing facilities, to waste and sewage plants and the electric grid. Schneider Electric, based in Paris, France, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of these devices and sells them to a variety of industries.

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. Its an acronym meant to cover systems that control nearly every type of industrial system such as the electrical grid, power plants, manufacturing systems, sewage and water systems, oil and gas refineries and nearly every type of industrial system. Very often, people use the term ICS or Industrial control systems synonymously with SCADA.

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 Bob(1970) The Autistic Engineer, released from prison, working with Machines in a Commercial Industrial Recycling Environment, and still switching between multiple operating systems. 

Hello I(1993) am a friend of Richard Stallman. ♥︎ Richard Stallman(1953), Founder of the Free Software movement & The Lead Developer of the GNU Operating System which is typically used together with the kernel Linux in the combination GNU plus Linux.♥︎Priscilla ♥︎ 1993 ♥︎The Netherlands

Confirm that you have received my message and will comply. Yes/Correct. No/Incorrect. NEGATIVE. ALL BEFORE.. . . Everything that you (I) transmitted after .



Electromagnetic Interference between GSM phone signal and computer speakers.

to be continued

Wi-Fi signal interferes with a speaker system.


It's either something you know or something you are.

Evidence based on technical ignorance.

Linux and Windows in industrial automation

Advantages and disadvantages of using Linux on industrial computers.

You can guarantee any workplace has a Windows expert nearby, but the same is not true for Linux. Although the initial investment cost of running a free version of Linux is low, challenges will occur if the engineering or IT department you are working with is not familiar with the Linux environment. Getting Linux-specific software running and communicating with all the other devices on the network takes specialty knowledge of software and communication protocols; it is not a small undertaking. A motivated customer can learn how to use this unique, stable, and highly customizable operating system, but in short, the ideal Linux customer is someone who has past and current Linux experience.

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This web page is last updated at oct 2, 2019 around 19:30(NL) by Priscilla Felicia Harmanus, 1993 from the Netherlands.

This project is about the process towards freedom & how I do my computing(1993)¹, the
Free Software movement² and Monitoring Bob's(1970) Autistic hobby³.

Bob(1970) is switching between multiple operating systems

Quickly and easily transmit wireless I_O signals with Radioline -

I'll be picking points in history where certain practices became paradigms, showing how they became part of the popular "open source" mindset.

³Due the security concerns, the person's name will be referred to as 'Bob'.   Also the 'username@email' will   be referred to as "pob.bob@email". POB = Place of Birth. 

Bob is switching between multiple operating systems 

- by Priscilla Felicia Harmanus, 1993 from the Netherlands

You buy a new smartphone or computer, and you take your old one to a local recycler. It's the green thing to do right. Well, it turns out a lot of those devices may not be getting recycled at all.

¹Image has taken for that period it was detected 

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Sept 23, 2019¹

Location: the Netherlands  

Baby GNU
Hard disks 
Hard drives



Reclycling program

Electronic E-waste 

Garbage Dump

Dumpster diving

You buy a new smartphone or computer, and you take your old one to a local recycler. It

Bob(1970) works at the local recycler.

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Sept 23, 2019¹

Location: the Netherlands

Baby GNU
Netgear Storage Central SC101

Rank Xerox Transport Retour Box


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There is no cloud. ItFree as in Freedom (2.0): Richard Stallman and the Free Software Revolution

Free as in Freedom (2.0): Richard Stallman and the Free Software Revolution (2002)



Story and details will be added here soon 

Thousands of Google Calendars Possibly Leaking Private Information Online 2019

Warning -- Making your calendar public will make all events visible in the world, including via Google search. Are you sure?

Remember this security warning? No?

While this is more of an intended setting by the users and intended behavior of the service, the issue is really not new, instead it was first raised 12 years ago,    when Google added this "make it public" feature to its web-based calendar service as a cool way for users to discover exciting events though search engines, but a few quick searches revealed sensitive information that was inadvertently made public using Google Calendar.

Thousands of Google Calendars Possible Leaking Private Information Online - Sept 17, 2019

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There is no cloud. It's just someone else's computer.
→ https://thehackernews.com/2019/09/google-calendar-search.html
→ https://ha.ckers.org/blog/20070417/internal-info-leak-via-google-calendar/
→ How Spammers use Google Services


 Video Podcast Between Priscilla(1993) and Bob(1970)

To be continued


So much for first impressions. I just hope I was able to enlighten you and in some way to help you make the right choice. Whether it's protecting yourself from what could be a traumatic life altering experience, or compelling you to focus your computer skills on other avenues, it's important for you to know the program, the language, and the rules. See you in the movies Agent Steal 1997. 

I saw good people doing bad things and bad people doing good things.

They consider what they are doing just and for the greater good, while others see their actions as dishonorable and wrong.

Bud assigning labels of right and wrong or good and bad to hacking is no more productive than pinning those labels to a hammer.

It is how and why the hammer is usedto build or to destroythat mattersand that

you must choose for yourself.

Hackers, like hammers, are here to stay whether we like it or not.

 Bob(1970) The Autistic Engineer, released from prison, working with Machines in a Commercial Industrial Recycling Environment, and still switching between multiple operating systems. 

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 I am extremely comfortable with teaching myself new skills, I just do not know what I should be working on.

https://www.thehaguesecuritydelta.com/media/com_hsd/report/250/document/wodc-report-scada-final.pdf . Keywords: ILC 

GNU 239 ILC 151 GSM/GPRS 240 ILC 150 GSM/GPRS 241 Wago Corporation PLC SCADA ICS OS