Running between os / TUX ON UBUNTU/LUNIX

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IPA Countermeasure Guide Series

Countermeasures on Computer Virus (1.6MB)

How to protect your computer from computer viruses!!

Countermeasures on Spyware (4.4MB)

Are you sure your computer is not infected with Spyware?

Countermeasures on Bots (2.1MB)

Are you sure your computer is not infected with Bot?

Countermeasures on Unauthorized Access  (3.2MB)

Is your computer really safe? (For PC Users)

Countermeasures on Information Leakage  (0.98MB)

Seven Rules for People Working in Business Enterprises!!

Guide for <Avoidance of Risks> When You Use the Internet (1.8MB)

Malicious Intent lurking in the Internet Do not fall for such deception!!

Guide for <Avoidance of Risks> When You Use Electronic Mails (1.0MB)

For Troubles via Electronic Mails,These Countermeasures are Required!!

Security Measures Guide For Smartphone
<Avoidance of Risks>

For smartphone which is a convenient tool, risks can be avoided by implementing security measures for its safe and secure use!

Guide for First-Time Information Security Countermeasures (1.2MB)

To All New Employees, Do You Know of "Information
Security Countermeasures"?

Countermeasures against Targeted Attack Mail <Avoidance of Risks>(795KB)

An attack that takes a shot at a specific company/organization, beginning with sending an e-mail!!

IPA Security Management Guide Series

Minimum Information Security Controls Guide for Organizations (4.0MB